#ThrowbackThursday: A Real Estate Agent's Most Valuable Tool, Then & Now

Although new marketing and sales tactics come forward year after year, old school best practices will never fully leave the habits of a successful real estate agent. In fact, the most successful real estate agents report a healthy balance of both new school and old school tactics. 

So for this #ThrowbackThursday let's compare the most important sales tool today, from one in the 1970's

You probably guessed it, today's most valuable sales tool is a real estate agent's smart phones. It is truly amazing what you all can do with a smartphone, including: 

  • Communicating by phone, email, text
  • Checking Social Media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. 
  • Searching MLS
  • Mapping Properties
  • Writing, sending, & receiving contracts
  • Using the weather app, to make sure tomorrow's photoshoot will go off without a hitch
  • Using the compass app, for the buyer who's looking for a sun-seeking backyard
  • GPS Directions and giving clients your ETA
  • And the list goes on...

Now, in contrast, can you guess what the most important tool was in the 1970's. Hint: similar to today's smart phone, it too, fit in your pocket!

In the 1970's, it would not be surprising to find Agents with a roll of dimes in their pockets or at the very least their cars.

Why?  Because there is a lot of communication that takes place in the average day of a salesperson, and in the 70's when an agent was “out in the field” showing homes, studying the market or looking for new business, they needed to stop frequently at pay phones to communicate with their office, assistants and most importantly, their clients.

A lot has changed since then, but more importantly a smartphone and a roll of dimes shows us one thing definitely has not changed: communication.

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