Using the Weekend to Revamp Your Listing Presentation

By Jameson Doris

In real estate, when it comes to building your business, converting leads is the name of the game. One of the most impactful ways of convincing those potential clients that you're the right agent for them is by creating a pristine listing presentation.
A listing presentation is essentially an interview to represent a potential seller in a real estate transaction. Here are some of the top ways to bolster your listing presentation:
Valuable Stats
Home sellers will want to know your qualifications right away. Be prepared to list all of your certifications and designations at the start of a listing presentation. Additionally, any sales statistics that you can provide will be of value. Make sure you know the number of homes you've sold in recent months, as well as any other helpful statistics, such as the average sales price of the homes you've sold.
Utilize Graphics
The best listing presentations are the ones that position you as someone who knows more about a local market than anyone else. Be sure to utilize graphic creation tools so that you're able to represent local data visually and convince potential clients that you're the right agent for them.
Powerful Scripts
Face-to-face meetings can cause anxiety, but they're still one of the best ways to convert leads. One way to tackle that anxiety and give yourself a better chance at succeeding is by creating impactful scripts. Be sure to do research, write out scripts that feel right for you and practice them until you feel comfortable with employing them in person.
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