What Real Estate Agents Can Learn from Tim Howard

The U.S. Men’s National Team faced Belgium in the Knockout Round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup yesterday July, 1 2014.  It was the first time in history that they have advanced to this level in two consecutive World Cups. Although they did not take the win there was a silver lining to the US men's soccer team losing to Belgium: Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper, had one of the most spectacular evenings you'll ever see. He had 16 saves, more in a World Cup game than anyone in 50 years, and single-handedly kept the US alive for a thrilling conclusion in extra time. He was named player of the game, and congratulated by players on both teams.

Howard was even temporarily appointed secretary of defense of the United States of America according to a clever Wikipedia editor who thought he deserved the credit. There’s no doubt that all goalies in the world are bowing down to Howard’s performance but moreover, we as Real Estate Agents, have a few take-aways also.


Smarter Not Harder

Tim Howard showed us how playing smarter pays off. He did not just keep his eye on the ball he kept his eye on where the ball was going to be which contributed to his 16 successful saves. "His belief and understanding of the game and his desire to achieve more is contagious," Roberto Martinez told FIFA.com.

A successful real estate agent also works smarter not harder. An Agent who is always in front of his customers, staying up to date on marketing trends, and ahead of the market, will always be successful even in a market downfall.


Prosper In Difficult Times

Even Howard has his limit for how long he can carry a non-existent defense, and it expired in the 93rd minute. When Kevin De Bruyne fired the ball from 8 yards Howard dove, but the ball was just beyond his legs. He's not a Miracle Man, let alone Elastic Man.

Howard would have been excused for cashing it in at that point, knowing he'd done everything to keep the U.S. in the game without getting anything in return. But that's not who he is. Within seconds he was back on his feet, hands on his hips and barking at the referee to break up Belgium's celebration so they could get on with the game.

Howard's performance can be translated to our everyday work ethic. Real Estate Agents should always find a way to prosper in every market opportunity. Keep your head in the game and don’t let a temporary lapse defeat you.


It’s Not Always About Business

Howard lives with Tourette’s syndrome and has used his fame as an opportunity to spread the word about the often misunderstood neurological disorder. He has invited other children who are sufferers to attend his games to be a positive role model, showing them what can be accomplished and encouraging their efforts to cope.

Real Estate Agents are often seen as the “face of their community” because they are often one of the first people to welcome a new comer. Find ways to represent your community and show why anyone would be proud to live there. Whether that is offering free advertising on your website for community events, or lending a helping hand at the next city hall fundraiser, being involved in your community will give you pride and more to talk about at your next buyer’s consultation. 

Check out Tim Howard's viral impact he had on the world, and his interview on the Today Show.  

Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

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