"What's With Those REALTORS' Gold Jackets?"

For today's #ThrowbackThursday we're talking about the iconic Gold coats that have become the staple for CENTURY 21 Real Estate Agents. Ever wonder what the story was behind the Gold blazers? We've got the answer for you.  


"It's a marketing tool. That's all it really is," says Tom Kunz, past CENTURY 21 Real Estate, LLC. CEO & President. "When CENTURY 21 was founded in California in 1971 some of the competition in the marketplace was a company by the name of Red Carpet and they had a red coat. And so at the time it was kind of the thing to have."



It was something that set CENTURY 21 apart and because they marketed it so well for so many years it still stands out. If you watch any TV show or a movie where they want to show a salesperson, a real estate salesperson without a for-sale sign or anything there, they usually called CENTURY 21 to borrow a gold coat. 



Have you seen the 1980s movie "War Games?" Sure enough, Matthew Broderick's mom was a real estate agent and she wore a gold coat. And who can forget the goofy gold coat scenes in the Adam Sandler golf movie, "Happy Gilmore."


You do not see the Gold jackets as often these days as you would in the past. We want to know: are you for bringing the Gold coat back or are you saying good riddance to the staple uniform? 



Image Credit: Bill & Judi Kessler

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