Your Facebook Followers: Let Them Do the Talking


By Suzanne De Vita

So you're on Facebook, occasionally posting about a property. You know you can be engaging there more often, but it's been a challenge to commit. You're not alone!
Fifty-seven percent of agents say social media's time-consuming—but it's also one of the best lead sources out there. To the agents who cultivate leads through social media, their friends and followers aren't names on a screen, but advocates with a powerful voice—one that any agent can effortlessly leverage to promote their real estate services.
Ask, and receive. Begin by crowdsourcing information from your sphere—they're already on Facebook, so, chances are, they're eager to share their thoughts.
Ask your followers for their input on the "best" in town—the best gym, the best deli, the best florist. Then, leverage it. Blog about your findings—it's firsthand information, and it'll build your credibility as an expert on the neighborhood. Now you have content, created by your followers, for social media, without a considerable investment of your resources or time. (Build your database with these in-town recommendations, too—you'll have answers to your clients' questions at the ready, firming up your value.)
Another approach? Gather intel. Ask your followers what they're up to for the weekend. You could learn about a networking opportunity, or become active in a charitable effort in town—both beneficial to building business and client relationships.
Beyond that, ask your clients to leave you a positive review. Endorsements are generated by them, not you—and, although you could initially invest in seeking out testimonials, content created by your Facebook "fans" (in this case, a review) markets your name and services for you. Plus, you'll amp up awareness of your brand to your clients' Facebook friends, who, research shows, are likely to be interested in real estate services, too.
While you're at it, check out your clients' Facebook pages. When they buy a home with you, they'll be posting photos of it, so ask them to mention or tag you in them. (At the very least, comment and thank them. Be "out there" and visible.)
Dial Up Engagement
If you've asked your clients in the past for referrals, you know how essential they are to your longevity in real estate. Don't leave them untapped! Call on your clients to engage with you on Facebook, whether with a question, photo or rating—it's effortless, and free!
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