COVID-19 Policy

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of change as businesses have to adjust quickly to COVID-19 and its impact across the globe. We at CENTURY 21 Affiliated take the health and safety of our staff, agents, and clients as our top priority as we continue to provide excellent real estate services.

All CENTURY 21 Affiliated Agents:
  • Are constantly following local, state, federal and CDC guidelines as they evolve
  • Are also leveraging best practices from our State Associations as well as NAR (National Association of Realtors)
  • Are still open for business and working to bring transactions through to close
  • Are leveraging our technologies to make the process as safe and effective as possible
  • Are there for our customers as a trusted resource to help them navigate the transaction process
  • Are constantly monitoring and adjusting our policies and procedures accordingly
Please be safe and healthy in these uncommon times. See a message from our President & CEO Dan Kruse regarding our COVID-19 Policy and details on our Company protocol below:


Our Company has established a protocol to follow to help minimize the risk of exposure to the virus and the risk of spreading the virus. We've created specific protocols for working with buyers and sellers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida where real estate services have been deemed essential. 

**Please scroll to learn our instructions for the state of Michigan. 


I. Meeting Clients in the Office 
  1. Before meeting with clients, tables will be cleaned using an anti-bacterial/anti-viral wipe.
  2. Clients will be asked to use the hand sanitizer upon entering the office.
  3. Once in a conference room:
    •  Clients will be advised that the office, including the conference rooms, are being sanitized on an on-going, periodic basis throughout the day
    • Tissues and hand sanitizer will be on the table and readily available to the client
    • Realtors will point out the location of the wastebasket where tissues and other refuse can be deposited
  4. At the conclusion of your meeting Realtors:
    • Will clean all items from the table and dispose of all trash.
    • Collect all coffee cups and similar items and deposit them in the kitchen dishwasher.
    • Clean the table with a sanitizing wipe.
  5. Clients and Realtors are asked to use hand sanitizer upon exiting the office.  
II. Showing Homes 
  1. When making an appointment, CENTURY 21 Affiliated Agents will advise the Listing Agent from other companies that our Company follows a CV protocol to limit the risk of spreading the virus. These steps include:  
  1. Before entering the home, have all parties use hand sanitizer. 
  2. Offer a new pair of disposable gloves to your clients.
    • Have a small plastic bag available in your pocket or purse for disposal of the gloves upon exiting the home. 
  3. Recommend that your client touch as few items as possible while inside the house, understanding, of course, the need to open doors, cabinets, etc. 
  4. Use hand sanitizer upon exiting the home. 
  1.  Consider showing the home virtually.



I. At the Listing Appointment
  1. Clients will be given a Questionnaire Sheet to ask the following questions and make a note of their responses:
  • Have you traveled internationally in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been ill recently with a cough or sneezing?
  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting those symptoms?
  • Do you have any reason to believe you’ve been exposed to the CV?
  1. Clients will be advised that our Company has established an “Open House” and “Brokers Open” protocol that Agents will follow should the client decide that they do, in fact, want the Agent to hold Open Houses or a Brokers Open.
II. Listing in the MLS
  1. In the Remarks section of the MLS listing, Agents will request that Buyer Agent and his/her clients follow the protocol they’ll see upon entering the home.
    1. Buyer Agents are requested that they refrain from showing the home if the Agent/Clients are sick with a cough or sneezing.  
III. Showings, Open Houses or Brokers Open

1. The Protocol Station will be a permanent fixture at the entrance to the home during the listing.

a. Sellers will be asked to participate by helping keep the Protocol Station adequately stocked at all time with the supplies referenced below.

b. Consider hosting a virtual showing.

2. Set up the “Protocol Station” at the entrance to the home with:

            a. Hand sanitizer;

i. Alternative: hand soap, paper towels and a wastebasket readily available at the kitchen sink.

            b. Gloves; 

            c. Tissues;

            d. Guest Log requesting/containing;

      i. Agent name;

      ii. Agent Brokerage;

      iii.  Question: “Guest protocol followed?  Y/N”;

           e. Shoe covers;

            f. Instruction for Agent/guests to, upon entering the home, make use of the items set out at the Protocol Station and complete the Guest Log.

3. For Open Houses and Brokers Open, limit the number of guests in the home at any one time.

a. The number of guests allowed in at one time will be in the Agent’s discretion, keeping in mind that the idea is to practice Social Distancing and avoid individuals congregating in any one location.

b. Consider hosting a virtual open house.


In accordance to the Governor Whitmer and Michigan Realtors statement:

1. All Michigan offices have been moved to a virtual office setting. 

2. Our agents will not be able to meet clients in person for showings, listings appointments, open houses, or closings.

3. Our agents will still be available for virtual showings, listing appointments, consultations, and closings.

4. In accordance to Governor Whitmer's shelter-in-place order, financial services, title companies, and inspectors are still listed under "essential services." Our agents are still guiding new and pending transactions to close while operating in the best interest of public health.

Our Michigan agents have creative abilities, ideas, knowledge, and tools to serve you and your real estate needs. Contact your CENTURY 21 Affiliated professional for options available to you if you are a buyer or seller. 



If you have any questions, contact a CENTURY 21 Affiliated Agent near you.