Matching Agent Retirement Fund


Plan Features:

  • Up to $2K company match per year
  • 100% participation deferral vesting schedule with 20% yearly company match starting in the sixth year
  • Customizable fund management

Plan Details: 

Why a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan? 

  1. Pre-tax deferral of compensation for eligible participants.
  2. Tax-deferred retirement savings.
  3. Customizable fund management.

How Deferrals & Contributions work? 

  1. Commissions Deferrals
    • Minimum: $25 Per Close 
    • Maximum: $2000 Per Close
  2. Company Match 
    • Per Close Maximum: $100
    • Per Year Maximum: $2,000 

How Vesting & Distribution Works? 

  1. Participant deferral contribution have a 100% vesting schedule
  2. Company matching contributions will start vesting, 20% a year, in the sixth year following the commencement of your participation in the plan

Vesting Example: A participant that begins deferring in 2019 will be 20% vested in their company matching contributions in 2024, 40% vested in 2025, ect. 

  1. The lump sum of vested amount (deferrals + contributions +/- investment gains/losses) within 90 days of agent retirement or separation.  


For more information on joining the #AffiliatedFamily and taking advantage of this program speak to a CENTURY 21 Affiliated Team Leader.