How Friendships are Born

     After spending weeks together, my clients find their "perfect" home. Some are quicker than others, but we invest time together.  A contract is written, inspections are done, and we finally arrive at closing.  After it's over, I am often left thinking, "Wow, I'm going to miss them...I feel connected." 

     Over time, I have had so many clients say the same to me.  I admit it is quite endearing.  My last client said, "I feel like I should call you weekly just to see how you are, or invite you to our next holiday!"  I have been invited to many house warmings, dinners, etc. and have become Facebook friends with many.  

    My clients often come to me as a first time home buyers and then return several years later moving up.  Some will return to downsize as empty nesters as their children move out. They refer other family members and friends and that keeps us connected. 

     So in the "end," when the deal is closed...I have realized it's not over.  Sure, I miss some of the day to day conversations, but we do stay in touch. I love watching the smiling faces as they get the keys to their new home.  I love gettings sent "pics" of the changes they have made to make their home "theirs."  I get to see people grow and change and evolve.  It's absolutely amazing and what I love so much about real estate.  Sometimes, "clients" turn into friends.



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Alyssa Taylor

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