Put An End To Pests Without Using Harsh Chemicals

As the weather starts to turn a little colder and your yard goes into hibernation, the pests that used to live outdoors will want to take up residence in your warm, cozy home. Getting bugs out of your home is not only a headache, but also means that you’ll be spraying a multitude of chemicals throughout your living space 

Pesticides Can Be As Bad As Pests

Conventional pesticides usually get the job done, but they have been shown to negatively affect the reproductive and nervous systems of people and pets. Children are especially sensitive to the chemicals as their organs, nervous systems and immune systems are still developing. Moral of the story, the fewer harsh chemicals you use, the better for your health.

Most Professionals Have Natural Options

Many professional pest control companies have natural options. They usually use naturally occurring minerals and essential oils. However, be sure to ask specifically what they’re using, because even natural products can be dangerous if mishandled.

How To Beat The Bugs

  • Ants – Mix 1 liter of water with one cup of sugar, and a teaspoon of Borax. Soak cotton balls in mixture and leave for ants. They’ll take it back to their home and poison the whole colony. Keep away from your children and pets.
  • Bed Bugs – Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water. Then spray non-toxic bed bug spray on your mattress, on carpets and around baseboards.
  • Cockroaches – Sprinkle diatomaceous earth where you’ve seen roaches. This chemical is harmless to humans, but will kill roaches. As they become dehydrated, you might see more of them, but they should all be gone within about two weeks.
  • Fleas – Be sure to thoroughly wash your pet. Then put a pan with water in it on the floor with a heat lamp directly above it. The fleas around your home will try to jump toward the heat of the lamp and land in the water.
  • Termites – Try parasitic nematodes. These small worms eat microscopic creatures and small insects, such as termites.

Rest assured. There are ways to eradicate pests without using harsh chemicals that leave you wondering if your baby will ever be able to play on the carpet again. Try the less toxic, but still extremely effective options above before you resort to the chemically manufactured options.



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