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Are you feeling weighed down by everyday activities? Living a simpler life can reduce stress and create a better sense of “peace.” This means getting rid of the chaos and spending time doing what’s important in your life.

The first step is evaluating what is important to you. This could be a long list or a short list – but make sure it’s only things that are important to you. Don’t include what’s relevant to your employer or friends. Focus on activities and priorities that positively impact your life, and make sure to evaluate your commitments and time. Only spend time with those you love and who love you back.

Next, take a weekend to go through your belongings. What must you keep? What can you live without? Go through your wardrobe, kitchen, closets, and drawers. You’d be amazed by how decluttering your life can take a significant weight off your shoulders.

Finally, slow down. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite. Take a 30-minute break from life to be thankful for your health and be present in your life. We often move too fast through life and forget to enjoy the little things that add happiness to our life – like a good meal.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “Will this simplify my life?” If the answer is no, reconsider.

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