Enhance the lighting of your listing.

4 Ways to Enhance the Lighting in Your Listing From the National association of Realtors!

Smart bulbs are still in their infancy and manufacturers are continuing to develop new models. Until then, what can you do you to improve the lighting in your listing with the bulbs you already have? Here are some stagers’ tips:

  • Add mirrors. You can use mirrors to bounce light, help making a home look brighter as well as possibly even making the walls look taller.
  • Watch the wattage of your bulbs. Always use the highest possible wattage in a room (except the bathroom where a 30-watt bulb may help create more welcoming, softer light settings).
  • Don’t just rely on overhead lights. Soften the look with wall sconces and decorative lamps too. Also, remove draperies to allow natural light to flow in.
  • Use clear light bulbs. Clear light bulbs can offer a cleaner look over opaque ones,  Avoid mismatching your bulb types, watt-ages, and color temperatures so the room is properly illuminated.

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