10 Things You Have To Do With a Pumpkin Right Now

It's the season of the pumpkin. They're everywhere - in your coffee, in your pie, spilling out of supermarket aisles, and on everyone's front porch, stoop, stairs, and walkway. It's not even Halloween yet, and we're already tiring of all the bright orange.

You too? Good. Then you'll get some great use out of our timely pumpkin guide—a guide specially constructed to take the almighty squash and make it just a little more interesting.

Here are the 10 things you have to do with a pumpkin right now.

1. Paint it

Acrylic paint will give you decent coverage and numerous color options if you want to paint it black, white, or neon pink and then get crazy with stripes or polka dots, or even create Frankenstein.

2. Spray it.

Or, take the brush out of the equation and use spray paint. It's fun and easy. Even more so when you tie into a design trend, like metallic. For an extra special look, pick up a few different colors of spray paint.

"Gold. Silver. Bronze. Sophisticated enough to sit on the mantel or step in as a table arrangement. This year's harvest gets the Midas touch," said Real Simple.


3. Bedazzle it

Grab a white one (or some paint to splash onto an orange one if white isn't available), and then go crazy with sequins. Extra points for the super fabulous spider.

See more ideas at Making Lemonade, and steal their tip that uses pre-glued rhinestones in patterns.

4. Carve it.

But forget about that normal carving stuff. You have to be creative with your pumpkin carving these days. Thankfully, you don't really need to be all that talented. Get yourself a stencil and you can be Van Gogh. Or, you can carve a nifty backlit cat.

5. Decoupage it

Go elegant using this crafty technique of attaching paper or other printed materials onto the pumpkin with Mod Podge. This version from HGTV uses printed napkins.

6. Simplify it

Slice, scoop, glue, googly. This low-maintenance pumpkin couldn't be easier, and it's so cute you'll be easily forgiven for not being a carving master.

See more ideas here.

7. Beach it

Who says you have to forgo your beach chic-ness once fall hits? A little ingenuity, a little sand (try a craft store or even a pet store, in the reptile section), and a visit or two to Pinterest creates a unique coastal display .

8. Draw on it.

The Sharpie is your friend. And so is Pinterest.

9. Bleach it.

A cool trick for making your pumpkins last longer, a few sprays of bleach should be all you need to preserve your masterpieces this year.

10. Cook it

Or, more specifically, roast it and fill with bubbly homemade soup from the Food Network. Yum.

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