City Data--This link helps you look up the stats in the neighborhood you are thinking about buying in or your current home. Very informative.

Hyperian Homes--This is a great program that lets renter that have good credit but just not perfect yet. They purchase the home you want right now and let you rent it from them until your ready to buy.

Homepath Homes website--Search for foreclosed homes owned by homepath quickly, homepath is the fannie mae REO sight.

Hud Homes website--Let you see what properties are available, these homes are sold 'AS IS" and seller does not fix anything, but sometimes are great values.

Home Scouting--Click here to get priority access to all area homes right on your smart phone. Use VIP number 8156510783

Will County Treasurer--Appeal My Tax Bill; Contact My Assessor; Find a Form; ... Welcome to the official website of Will County Treasurer,

Will County Supervisor of Assessments--This office governs every aspect of the assessment process, get answers to all your questions.

Cook County Treasurer's Office--Taxpayers are able to look up tax forms, schedules, &  their property taxes.

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