Getting through the short sale process

I'm starting the year with a new insight on getting those short sales closed. First of all, if you move out from your home before the short sale is DON'T TURN OFF THE UTILITIES!. The weather is your worst enemy. Flooding, mold, and much more can develope in empty dwellings. 

I wanted to make sure everyone involved knows how important it is to get all paperwork in quickly. I'm talking hours or days, not weeks! Everyday you take to get that last form in, delays the approval. And every day the approval is delayed is one more day for your buyer to walk away from their offer. 

Realtors and attorney's put in long hours trying to help our short sale clients out from under the stress of the short sale. If you have a problem with anything let us know so we can help you with it. We realize how overwhelming the process can be. Sometimes the seller will want to run away and let the deal fall apart. This will not help you out of your situation, it makes it worse.   

The bank can see you are trying to make a effort to make things right when you do the short sale, but when you drop eveything and run it shows the bank you didn't care you owed them money. According to some articles I've read this year the bank is through letting homeowners get away with this, they are coming after the money still owed to them.

We can help, but you have to want to get the deal done as much as your Realtor or attorney does to make it work.

If you aren't going to stay in the game and do the paperwork, get it back to us, answer phone calls, texts and emails please let your agent know before they waste their time trying to help you.


Caroline Love

Caroline Love

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