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“Who is David Brinkley?”



I did not get into real estate to make money. Throughout my life I have had friends from all walks of life, and many of them were trapped under the smothering weight of RENTING! They struggle to build credit and dream of one day escaping the rental world.

It is helping people break that barrier that makes my job so wonderful.

Once people have reached that goal, the next part of my job comes into play. See in most cases, once you own property, you start leaving poverty behind. At this stage of your life I can help you transition from one home to another, or locate ideal investment properties.

My father was a real estate investor and I learned much of what I know from working with him, but since his passing, I have not stopped learning. In fact I take at least one class a month and watch training and market videos daily so that my expertise stays sharp. Having an agent that knows his market is important to you, right?

I also earn my commission! That’s right; the only way I get paid is if I find a home or buyer for you. So why wouldn’t I work hard to do just that? You do want an agent, which will get up every day and work hard, working for you don’t you?


David Brinkley

David Brinkley

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