Are you still trapped in the renter's prison? You give your landlord money every month but it is not reported to the credit bureau, so you can afford a home mortgage but do not have the credit history to prove it. Month after month you dump your hard earned cash into someone else's pockets. You get no ownership, no equity and not even a good mark on you credit report. This makes it very hard to establish yourself so that you can one day escape the vicious cycle. Your landlord knows this, your government knows this and yet the law does not require them to report it, and helping you establish credit only increases the landlords probability of losing a tenant. SO WHY WOULD THEY HELP YOU? You might as well put your hard earned money in a barrel and burn it for all the good you get from it.


Many people do not realize how close they are to escape, many of you might already qualify for a home but because you are not sure where to start, you wait. Continue reading but know that you can call me anytime and I will help you get started (262) 719 - 1851. To apply for a pre-approval simply go to my Get Approved Today link and fill out the applications. I have associates that specialize in helping people recover from credit mistakes, and they are not looking just for people that are ready to buy, they also help people reach that goal. If they can get you approved then AWESOME but if they cannot they and I will be with you all along the road to success. There is something powerful about not being alone! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

David Brinkley

David Brinkley

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