Saugatuck MI area residential real estate market, February 1, 2018

Information below is residential data for the four lakeshore real estate subareas in Allegan County, Michigan:

H20 - Laketown Twp, City of Holland south of 32nd St, Fillmore Twp west of M-40
H23 - Saugatuck Twp, City of Saugatuck, City of Douglas, Manlius Twp west of 58th St
H27 - Ganges Twp, Clyde Twp west of 56th St, City of Fennville south of M-89
S93 - Casco Twp

The information presented here is as recorded in our local MLS, SWMRIC. In January 2018 the inventory of homes decreased. 175 homes were available Feb 1 in these four subareas, while 184 were available on Jan 1. This is another new low in monthly inventory, for the length of time we have been tracking it, the last thirty-nine months. The high was reached July 1, 2016, with 352 units available then, A year ago on Feb 1, 2017 the available inventory was 210, so we presently have about 83% the number of homes available than we did a year ago. The number of available homes in H23 fell to 73, also a new low. This is the fourth month running that we hit a low on this number. The median list price of homes offered for sale was essentially flat in H20, was up 7% in H23, was down 4%in H27 and was flat in S93.

20 homes sold last month. A year ago, 19 homes sold in January 2017. In most months median list prices are above median sold prices. This means that those that sold are less expensive than those that are on offer. You can see this on the graph, where the blue lines (sold) are mostly below the red lines (list). Last month median sold prices were lower than median list prices in all subareas. In H20 those that sold were worth about 75% of list, in H23 it was an 94%, in H27 it was 63%, and in S93 it was 21%, however only one unit sold in H27 and one sold in S93.

Inventory turnover numbers for last month were: for H20 4 of 36 (25%), for H23 9 of 81 (11%), for H27 it was 1 of 25 (4%), and for S93 1 of 42 (2.4%). H20 usually has a faster turnover than the other subareas. A 25% turnover like we have in H20, means that we have a four month supply of homes at the current sales rate there. Lower percentages mean we have more months of supply available, higher percentages mean we have fewer months of supply available.

How do January’s sold prices compare to previous months? In H20, last month’s median sold price ($263,000) was 29% higher than the median sold price for the last twelve months ($204,000). H23’s median sold price ($399,000) was higher by about 25% than the median sold price over the last twelve months ($318,750). H27’s median sold price ($240,926) was higher by about 5% than the median sold price over the last twelve months ($230,000). S93’s median sold price for last month was $111,000, lower by 38% than the median sold price over the last twelve months ($180,000). Again, note only one home sold in H27, and one in S93. Aggregating all four subareas, last month’s median sold price was $280,500, 9% above the median of the last twelve months, which was $256,950.

Let’s compare today’s statistics to those of a year ago. A year ago there were 210 homes listed, at a median list price of $369,475. Today there are 175 homes listed at a median list price of $399,900. In January 2018 20 homes sold at a median price of $280,500 while in January 2017 19 homes sold at a median price of $230,000.

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