Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

After the winter we have had Spring is such a welcome site, and it is just around the corner, and this articles have some great tips to get your home ready for spring.  I hope you find something you can use.  Enjoy!
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March 12, 2015
Get Ready for SpringMarch 2015
he first day of spring arrives on March 20, and while some parts of the country may not be feeling it yet, you can still prep your home for the warmer weather and get ready to start working on your spring garden. 

Spring cleaning
This is usually what we think of first when we talk about getting ready for spring, so let’s start there. As the temperature rises, it will be great to open the windows, wash the curtains or blinds, clean the carpets and dust off the ceiling fans. Giving your home a power wash or even a fresh coat of paint can brighten your siding — and your spirits! It’s a good time to wash the windows too. 

Sorting and organizing. 
The change in weather can give you a dose of energy, so turn that into productivity and consider giving your storage areas a good sort out. Organize the pantry with baskets and containers; take a scrubbing brush to the fridge and freezer; junk the items in the junk drawer that haven’t been used in the past year. 

Your heating and air conditioning will need some attention. Change or clean filters, test the A/C before you really need it, and don’t forget to clean the chimney. 

Outdoor storage
The tool shed can use a clean-up as well. Scrub the rust from tools with steel wool. Lubricate moving parts with oil. Sharpen your secateurs. Move your snow shovels and ice scrapers behind the mower, hoses, and gardening tools. 

Yard and patio
When you can do more outdoors, turn your attention to your yard and patio. Wash out your trash and recycling bins and get the gutters cleaned. Examine your outdoor furniture to see what needs to be replaced: will new cushions be enough, or do you need to replace the lounge chairs themselves? You can also check the driveway and patio for cracks that need to be repaired. 

Homeowners with green thumbs can turn the soil over in the garden to prepare for planting. If your perennials, tulips, and daffodils are sprouting, you’ll know it’s time to check the quality of your soil and add plant food and fertilizer. Plant your new perennials any time now — but wait until you’ve been frost-free for at least two weeks (and there are no more freezes predicted for your area) before putting in your annuals. 

Start preparing now and when the warm weather comes you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy it! 
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