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Whether you are planning on staying in your current home as long as you can or your house in on the market to sell, there’s rarely a bad reason to re-decorate! If you’re stuck in a decorating rut or your want to give your home an internal face-lift to sell, here are the trends you should try in your house this year.

hgtv1Try Blue. Blue has been neglected for a while for it’s seemingly more chic older sister navy, but we believe all shades are beautiful. Bring blue into your home in the form of an accent wall or a few accent pillows for a serene experience.

hgtv2Just a little bit. Big renovations scaring you into monotony? Try a little something, like painting the back of your shelves for an unexpected pop.

hgtv3Conquer the cabinets. Say goodbye to wood-grain and white, it’s time to paint those cabinets! Pick a saturated, rich color than can last a few years of decor changes.

hgtv4Meet your new neutral. Greige was all the rage a few years ago in everything from runway couture to nail color, now it’s invading your home. This grey/beige mash-up brings the neutrality of a beige with the sleek and sophisticated touch of your favorite grey.

hgtv5Brighten up your wood. Wood accents are nothing new, but warm tones in wood accents is a new way to brighten up that trim. 

hgtv6Say goodbye to chevron. Chevron had its time in the sun, but now has made its way out. Try a new graphic in unexpected ways, like on your walls.

hgtv8Frame it black. By painting your wood trim black, you create a beautiful contrast to the view outside your windows and a unique touch.

hgtv9Bring back brass. You just got rid of all the shiny brass that your 1980’s/1990’s house came with and now we’re telling you to bring it back, but better. Brass is better than ever in brushed hues verses it’s previous life as a shiny eyesore.

Believe it or not Spring is just around the corner, and nothing feels better than sprucing up your home to make you feel like spring is here.  And as this article says it doesn't matter if you plan to stay or sell up-dating your home always pays off in the end.


So take some ideas from here and get started.


Have a great week.

Posted by: Dianne Yelm - Century 21 Affiliated

March 3, 2015

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