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Home Buyers Throw in an Extra $100K For the Cat

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This might go down as one of the more strange requests at a home closing. The Perceval family in Glen Iris, Australia was auctioning off their house when one of the potential buyer’s children fell madly in love with the Perceval’s family cat, Tiffany.

The potential buyer decided he wanted to buy the house and Tiffany for an extra $100,000. That’s right, a cat for $100,000.

The buyer demanded the deal, including the cat, be in writing. The Percevals loved their feline friend, but $100,000 was too great of an offer to refuse.

What’s the craziest request your buyer has asked for when purchasing a home? Let us know!

It has always amazed me what buyers will get attached to, when finding a home, I had a buyer a few years back that went back and forth with a seller trying to buy some flower pots the owner had on the front porch, and they were really beautiful but it got so personal that we almost lost the deal over these flower pots, but it just proves that buying a home is a very emotional purchase, which why you really need the services of a professional to keep things in perspective.

It is the beginning of another week so lets all go out and have a wonderful week.

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November 17, 2014

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