17 Furniture Arranging Mistakes

I end up thinking about arranging furniture all the time - most often for a client to stage a small space or define a bigger room for showings.  And then I go home, and look at my furniture and decorations and just hang my head.  I spend so much time working, looking at beautiful spaces and planning with clients how to set up everything, and then do not much for my own house.  It's like the cobbler's wife who ever has any shoes.


So, I did a little research this weekend, and found a great article on Better Homes and Gardens about furniture arrangements.  Yeah, I make some of these mistakes, and in some of these rooms, there's a little too much going on for me isually, but they are all beautiful.  Here's what I think about some of these ideas:


#1 - All the furniture on the walls. 

This one, I do.  I have a long living room, and except for a couch placed in the middle to define space (which is discussed in #14), all of my furniture is against the walls.  I get it, but I like things on the walls - I do this with everything on my desk and my dresser.  I think it's more OCD-like than decorating, though.


#3 - Zoning

Yes, yes, yes!  I love the idea of zoning rooms, especially in the living room and bedrooms.  My number one suggestion to Buyers in an empty living room is to have the TV on one end with the couches, and then two wing chairs and a bookshelf on the other, to give you two spaces.  It just looks so classy - and I hate when the TV is the dominant aspect of a living room.


#7 - Coffee Tables

I am super guilty of this.  I hate coffee tables - they just seem to be for using up space and hitting your shins on.  I wish I could find a happy medium - now, we just end up with trays everywhere that no one puts away and my living room looks like a hobo convention.  Makes me nuts.


#13 - Moving the Lighting

This one I'm a little "meh" on as well.  If you have a super decorated, well defined, never gonna change set up for your eat in area, then I'm all for it.  But if not...maybe think on it a little while before you move the fixture and patch the drywall.  I've been in too many vacant homes, nice homes, with that table height hangning fixture, and it really limits the space in the future.  Not everyone wants a table right there, especially with so many counter top eating spaces now, and it's perfectly good space for a reading nook or sitting area.

Check out the full article here - Furniture Arranging Mistakes - and let me know your favorites!



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