50 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Mantle

I love Christmas - not just the presents and family gatherings and all of the standard Christmas parts - I truly love Christmas because of the decorating!  I love the idea that everyone wants the whole world to look like a party!

One of the coolest areas to decorate is the fireplace mantle - so much room, perfect for anything you want!  You can mix up colors, or stay with a cool color palate.  Go modern, or stay traditonal - or anything you want!

I have clients tell me all the time "That's a perfect Christmas tree window!"

There is a great list of mantle decorating options here at Midwest Living - http://www.midwestliving.com/homes/seasonal-decorating/holiday-ideas/christmas-mantel-decorating-ideas/.

My favorites are:

  • Candy Jar Mantel - this is a simple one!  It's simply candy jars, filled with candy, on a bed of greenery.  The colors in this one are very simple, but you could always go colorful as well - a tall jar of rich colored Skittles, a low jar of gum balls, a vase of Twizzlers laid out like stems - so much fun here!

  • Winter Palette - another simple one, but very beautiful.  Soft and elegant, a mix of simple greeery, snowflakes and glass.  One thing I love about this one is the opportunity to mix in lights and glitter for a snowy scene - sparkly and simple, lots of warmth.

  • Flower Power - this one is fantastic!  Lots of color, and very simple to make.  Just get some boxes or various sizes, pin or hot glue mini greenery to "wrap" them, and tie them with a velvet ribbon.  The vase of holly branches gives it a pop, and some vertical appeal
  • Natural Simplicity - exactly what it sounds like - very natural and very simple.  It also has the advantage of being inexpensive, and you can add accents of holly berries, candles or snowflakes for color.  Plus, if you get some real pine branches, it will smell just like Christmas all day long!

Have fun decorating this year - be creative and be merry!


 - Erica

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