8 Homes With the Most Over the Top Paint Schemes

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Picking a color to paint your home is a weighty decision. Your family, friends, neighbors, passers-by—and perhaps even your HOA—will have remarkably strong opinions on the matter. And while you might think you’re going out on a limb with turquoise shutters for a fuchsia front door, such seemingly risqué home improvement projects pale in comparison to some of the truly cray-cray stuff we’ve seen out there.

In case you are looking for some offbeat inspiration or just curious about how out-there paint jobs can get, we’ve pulled together some jaw-dropping reminders that some homeowners go to extremes to make sure they’re not blending in with the neighbors at all.

The home with lots of dots


We bet Twister is the game of choice under this roof.

Bet Twister is the game of choice in this domain.

Do clowns live here? Nope, this polka-dot home is part of The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Founded by Tyree Guyton, the initiative’s goal was to transform bleak houses into works of art, offering color as a way of re-energizing neighborhoods. We appreciate the effort here, but maybe they went a little overboard on the re-energizing front. Just a thought.


The paint job as prank


This prank is one for the ages!

This prank is one for the ages!

According to the Telegraph, newlyweds Christian and Angela Hesketh returned home to Kent after their honeymoon in 2000 to find that a “friend” had repainted their row house in tiger stripes. Surprise! Clearly after they got over their shock, they must have decided that they liked it—or maybe they’re just too cheap or lazy to repaint.


The home with a lot of love to give


Think the neighbors will “love” this? Hmm … we doubt it.

Think the neighbors will "love" this? Hmm ... doubt it.

While not much is known about this little love shack located across from a cemetery in Franklin, IN, we’d have to surmise that it was created by one lovebird for another—a Valentine writ large as a home. Sadly, though, if the commentary on Flickr is to be believed, this story ends in heartbreak: The home was devastated by a flood in 2008 and torn down. Still, we hope the love lives on.


Hello Kitty, goodbye neighbors


It looks like that feline phenom just clawed its way into the hood.

Looks like that feline phenom just clawed her way into the 'hood.

We know Hello Kitty is a thing, but isn’t there a saying about too much of a good thing? Well, this rentable villa in Taiwan didn’t get the memo, as it features the cartoon kitty not only prominently on the exterior, but inside as well—from Hello Kitty chairs to pillows to china (that smiling kitty face gracing meals). Needless to say, you’ll get your fill.


It’s a Louis!


A designer’s dream. Or nightmare.

A designer's dream.

“Does my house match my handbag?” is a question you probably thought you’d never ask, let alone be able to answer: This home is located in Mexcali, Mexico, but is it real or a cheap knockoff? It’s hard to say.


A home for the Burberry-obsessed


The clothesline is an interesting touch.

The clothesline is an interesting touch.

When you can’t afford the cashmere coat but must have something Burberry, why not just paint the house? Artist Jens Werner Andersen of Norway crafted this homage to the ubiquitous pattern when he woke up one morning with what he called a “fun” idea. Beware of fun ideas.


The home painted by ‘ninja elves’


We’ve gotta admit, the mirror image in the water is quite spectacular.

The mirror image in the water is pretty spectacular.

Once a decrepit shack in Woodstock, NY, this home was lovingly transformed into a hippy-trippy showcase by artist Kat O’Sulllivan, her partner, Mason Brown, and their team of “ninja elves” who turned it into arguably the most colorful place in town.


The home that’ll haunt your dreams


It’s great for Halloween, but what about the other 364 days of the year?

There's a lot going on here.

This home could give a sensitive child nightmares—or, for that matter, a steely adult. Located on the corner of Fazeley and Andover Streets in Digbeth in England, this place has been fittingly dubbed “The Graffiti House.” Whoever the owner is, he could make a killing renting it out for Halloween parties.

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