Getting Organized in the New Year!

If you're like me, you want to be organized, need to be organized, but never quite make it.  There are tons of ways to organize, and tons of things to can become a nightmare.  But!  I believe in you!  Take baby steps - one drawer at a time, one box at a time.   I have found the best way to organize is to take a drawer (or closet shelf or box of stuff or whatever it is) and dump everything into a bin,  Take the bin, carry it to the living room and turn on something cool to watch.  Enjoy yourself and organize!  You can even do a whole closet while you watch a whole season of your favorite show - Netflix and Sort, anyone?

Here are some links to some great, easy ways to organize every room:

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Cheap and Easy!

17 Invaluable Tips for Anybody with Too Many Clothes

I tend to hoard clothes...even cheap junk.

7 Surprisingly Quick Ways to Be More Organized This Week

Baby steps gets the job done!

11 Planners that will Help You Get Your Stuff Together

Time needs organization to, and who can turn down a new planner?


And, if you find you just don't have enough room even after all of this organization, just call me - I'll find you a new house with all of the storage you need!

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