Top 10 New Kitchen Cabinet Trends

I look at my kitchen every day in disgust.  Well, not disgust (it's at least clean!) but some very strong disdain.  It's fine - fresh paint, some glass backsplash, accent shelves - but it's just boring.  And then you go to a big box hardware store, and they have those kitchen displays, and they look great!  But they're...kinda boring too.  New, expensive and pretty, but boring.

So I looked up some ktchen cabinet trends, and found a nice piece on Better Homes and Gardens.  I love some of the ideas in here.  I'm not sure about the Dual Cabinet Color trend (I worry it's too busy) and the Open Shelves (I don't know if I can stay that matchy and organized).  But, here are my favorites -


  • #3 - Pizza Pan Drawer!  Genius!
  • #7 - Floor to Ceiling Cabinets.  Love, love, love.  I'm such a sucker for trim, and these have such nice, clean lines - very classy.
  • #8 - Built-In Appliances.  Not a new idea, but still a great one.  My husband and I bicker everytime we go to Ikea and look at the built-ins - he LIKES to see the buttons and flashy lights.  I want my appliances to be hidden.  And all the electronics as well, but Hubs would probably divorce me if I did that.
  • #13 - Interesting Cabinets.  They aren't crazy or bohemian, but it's more than just tan and chocolate oatmeal you see so often.

Click below to see the full article, and all of the cool options for your kitchen

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