2015 is going to be a great year!

With 2014 over and 2015 on its way to a great start.  There are many commercial projects under way in the Rockford IL Northern Illinois area.  Manufacturing, Service, Hospitality, Restaurants, Shopping, Recreation, Transportation.

Woodward Governor 1000 jobs, Call Centers 1000 jobs, Airport project 500 to 1000 jobs, 3 hotels downtown 100 jobs, Sports Complex downtown, 3 Myers shopping centers 100's of jobs, Transportation projects, Trains, planes and Roadway projects, FED X, I90 project, Medical Cannabis program several cultivation centers and dispensaries,  automobiles,  Green Giant expansion in Belvidere adding another line, Chrysler plant has plans to update models at the Belvidere line in 2016.  Manufacturing and distribution sprouting up along I90 and other major roadways.

As 2015 comes to a close many of these projects are going to start to hire and continue into 2016.

With this type of growth the hope is that with more jobs we will have a higher demand for more services and housing.  The final leg to boost demand, prices and new construction.

This will help real estate prices and demand and more construction.

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