5 Resolutions for the Home Buyer in 2016

           Are you considering buying a home in 2016?

1.  Start saving - stop borrowing.  It is always great to reduce your debt, but you will also need money for a down payment and other closing costs.

2.  Interview realtors! Yes, you read that right!  Talk with 2 or 3 agents who work with buyers.  In the end, you will know who the right agent to work with is.

3.  Talk to a lender.  Your agent can help you get connected if you do not know of any already.  You will need to know what you can afford and get a pre-approval for.

4.  Make a list of new home priorities.  Think about the qualities of the home you will want.  Think type of home, size and number of bedrooms.

5. Investigate neighborhoods.  Research where you might like to live.  Consider important factors such as distance to work and family, quality of schools, and anemities available.



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