How to Stage Your Home For Showings

Staging your home for showings is very important. You will need to stop thinking of your house as a home, for  once it hits the market it is a product for sale. I hope you have already done any painting that you want to do, and preferably you have chosen neutral paint colors.

At this point you just want to make sure everything is in its place and clean. You should go through your entire home, top to bottom and thoroughly clean and dust. Make sure all cobwebs are vacuumed up, floors are vacuumed and mopped. All lights have functioning light bulbs. Window treatments are open to let the light in. If possible leave your lights on for the showings. Leave the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature. Have some music playing in the background something soothing like a jazz. Your home should smell fresh and clean, but not like bleach. If you use a plug in air freshener use  a neutral scent like vanilla, nothing to harsh.

Make sure each room is staged for its purpose. You do not want to have the kids toys in the dining room, as this will make it appear as you are running out of room, and you do not want your buyers to have this thought. 

Here are a few tips for each individual room.

Kitchen= Declutter your kitchen counters. Only leave out the small appliances that you use on a regular basis. Take out the trash if it stinks. Clean out your refrigerator...........yes they may open it, especially if it is included in the sale. Clean your oven. Make sure the sink is cleaned. Organize your pantry/cabinets to look neat.  Have some fresh baked cookies on the counter, with a little note stating please help yourself. 

Dining Room= Place a bouquet of fresh flowers on your dining room table. Have the table set for a dinner party.

Laundry Room= Do not have dirty clothes laying on the floor, make sure they are in the hamper. Put away all clean clothes. 

Bathrooms= Make sure your toilets, tub and sink are sparkling clean. Keep the toilet lid closed. Have towels hanging neatly. Your vanity mirror should be clean from any water spots. Your faucets should be sparkling clean.

Bedrooms= Have all your clothes put away, make your bed neatly and fluff your pillows. If you have a lot of stuff sitting on your night stand and dresser then put it away, so it does not look cluttered. Organize your closets, so they are neat. If you have too much stuff, ask a friend or family member if you can store some items at their home, while you are trying to sell your house. If you have a breakfast tray stage it on your bed, with a newspaper, and clean dishes. Give them the impression they might get breakfast in bed here.           

Living Room= Put away any excess clutter. Pack away family photos.  Fluff any pillows that are on your sofa/chairs. Open your window treatments, so it is bright. Do not have too much furniture as it will make it Living Room Imageappear too small.

Garage= Have the garage clean and organized, so it appears spacious.

Entrance=  Make sure the door is clean and the key works properly. It doesn't make a very good impression if the REALTOR® is struggling to open the door. If it is summer have some flowers in a pot on the front porch. If it is fall, you can place a pumpkin or mums on the porch.

Yard= Make sure the lawn is mowed and the flower beds have been weeded, with a fresh layer of mulch. Go through and spray weed killer on any grass or weeds that are popping up in the cement cracks. Sweep off your sidewalks, porch and driveway. 

Please feel free to email me if you should have nay questions.


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