Looking For A Gift To Give The Buyer?

Gifts to Leave for the New Home Owner


Selling a home can be a very emotional event in your life. Chances are you have created many happy memories in your home and maybe had a few sad ones as well.  For whatever reason you have decided to sell your home; maybe a job transfer, looking to downsize, or you have out grown your home. Now you are excited about the new chapter in your life that you are embarking upon.


Just as excited, as you are, more than likely the buyers of your home are extremely excited as well. They are looking forward to creating their own happy memories.  It doesn't’t happen that often, but why not leave them a small gift, that will leave a lasting impression.


Here are a few gift ideas to leave for the new homeowners.



  1. Essentials: A move can sometimes be chaotic and a little stressful. If the buyers are not experienced at moving, they may not be very organized. Now don’t laugh but you can leave them a gift bag of toilet paper, paper towel, and some hand soap. If they were not prepared for this they will definitely appreciate this when the time comes.
  2. Personalized Address Labels: Personalized gifts are very thoughtful, and they can go a long way. You can create or order address labels, or take it a step further and create personalized stationary. If you do this just leave them a little welcome home note, and place them on the kitchen counter.
  3. Personalized Key Rings: Mark this special occasion by giving them a monogrammed key ring at the closing table. With their new keys attached along with a card.
  4. Fuel: While moving you can burn a lot of energy, and you need to refuel your body. If you know when the buyers will be moving in why not have a surprise pizza delivered to their home. If it is fall another option is to leave them some fresh apple cider in the fridge, and place some donuts on the counter, along with some plastic cups.
  5. A Neighborhood Guide: If you are on a tight budget you can always create a list of local merchants, service technicians that you use. This could be extremely handy especially if the buyer is not from the area.
  6. Photo Album: If you have photo copies of  remodeling that you have done to the home (before & after) you could create a small photo album and give this to the new home owners.
  7. Flowers/House plant: How inviting it would be for the new buyers to walk into their home and have a fresh bouquet of flowers on their kitchen counter or a house plant, with a card simply stating "Welcome Home".


I want to close by stating these are merely suggestions. Very few sellers actually give a gift to the homebuyer; it is just a kind gesture. Good luck with your new adventures in life and may you create many more happy memories in your new home.

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