Staging Your Home During The Holidays

Staging your home for the holidays.  You just listed your home for sale, how much decorating is too much?

1. Keep it simple. Go for a more cozy look, without cluttering up the home.  White lights around the mantle, garland, wreath, battery operated candles in the windows, and the aroma of a holiday scented spray should do the trick.  

2. Don't have an abundance of colors.  Keep the colors traditional (whites and neutrals).  Try to stay away from any bright neon lights that may take away from the cozy look and feel of the home.

3. Try to keep religious themes minimal. Remember, not everyone celebrates the same holiday, and you do not want your potential buyer to feel uncomfortable in your home.  You want them to be able to picture themselves there. 

4. Last but not least, MAKE ROOM FOR THE TREE!  Move a chair, or other piece of furniture to storage while the tree is up, so it does not make the room appear too small for the tree or the room too cluttered.  The house needs to feel spacious to the buyer all year round.  

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