8 Reasons to Choose a Metal Roof

Are metal roofs just trendy these days?  Not at all.  There are some real benefits to consider....

1. Durability -  They will withstand aggressive weather, wind, temperature, mildew and are fire retardant.

2. Longevity -  They are long lasting , 40-60 years, which is 3 times a asphalt roof.  They don't experience thermal expansion or contraction so don't break, chip, crack or become loose over time.

3. Convenient Upkeep -  Properly installed, the maintenance is zero.  They don't absorb water and can easily get rid of snow.

4. Energy Efficiency -  They efficiently reflect solar hear right back in the atmosphere.  This keeps its surface up to 100 degrees cooler than conventional roofs.

5. Eco-friendly -  They are 100% recyclable and so won't end up in the landfill

6.  Flexible Customizable -  They can be painted hundreds of colors, and can emulate textures of other roofing materials.

7. Resale Value -  Buyers like the durable metal roofs.  This can increase your sale price by 1-6% when you get ready to sell.

8.  Great return on your investment - The cost is slightly hefty on the front end, but the energy efficiency can save as much as 40% in cooling cost each year. So recouping your extra cost will take no time at all.


So if you are planning a new roof soon, consider a metal one!!

June Cook

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