Back to School Time

Well, almost everyone is back to school and a big transition is taking place.  Make it a smooth one by remembering a few tips.  Try to create a morning routine for everyone and be consistent...decide who eats first while the other child is in the shower, etc.  Have the kids the night before organize all their homework, back packs and decide what they are wearing in the morning....saves a lot of time and commotion.  Good idea to pack lunches the night before too. Make sure the kids all get to bed on time or the morning routine will be a challenge.  Keep a calendar where everyone can keep track of their dates for school activities, deadlines, club meetings, and sports practices.  And try to plan some family time for an activity that everyone does together a couple times a month.  Fall is a great time to plan an outing to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch or corn maze.  Enjoy the new routine and the fall season ahead!

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