Bought your new what?!!

So you bought your first home, now what?  Owning a home and now taking care of your investment takes some research and planning.  The general upkeep and maintenance and unexpected repairs can be overwhelming and sometimes not planned.  Try to get a notebook started of names and numbers you would call if you needed certain items repaired or replace or cleaned or maintained on a regular basis.  You should know who you would call and have their contact information handy and all in one place if the furnace or A/C quits or if the septic needs service or it a fuse keeps blowing.  Call several businesses and get prices and to your friends or neighbors on who they use.  Make a decision and put in your book all the contact info, phone numbers, address....and maybe have a second choice in case they are too booked to take on another job.  Expand you list to more than just the furnace, electrical or plumbing guy.  What about broken windows, broken appliances, a garage door that won't open, settling broken concrete, or shingles that blew off in the last storm.  A little research up front will save you time and money when you have a need for service. 

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