Choosing the right floors for kitchens and baths

Kitchen and bathroom floors are prone to drips, leaks and spills.  So choose your flooring wisely....with carpet being not a good choice.  Tile is a better way to go and comes with many options.  Ceramic is waterproof and durable and comes in lots of styles and colors.  Stone includes travertine, slate, marble and granite.  And each is porous so should be sealed.  Vinyl is affordable and easy to take care for.  Concrete could even be an option.  They can be very decorative with the staining and stamping techniques.  Wood is also a possibility, especially a laminate hardwood flooring which is more water resistant and usually cost less than the real hardwoods.  So, shop around and ask lots of questions so you get just the finish you were hoping for that will beautify your home!   June      

June Cook

June Cook

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