Costley Mistakes Made by New Homeowners

Save yourself time and money...don't make common mistakes as a new homeowner...get help when you need it!!  Don't store household goods on garage and attic trusses.  They are designed for the weight of the roof not extra items. Don't alter finish yard grades.  Get a professional when installing the sidewalk, patio, or pool decking for proper high and grade so as not to interfere with the flow of the surface water drainage.  When attaching structures to the home make sure it is done correctly so as not to allow rainwater to find its way in.  Never allow the irrigation sprinklers to spray against the home. Never disconnect bathroom and laundry room fans. You could be allowing moisture to get into the drywall, electrical outlets and even the wood framing.  Never walk on the roof, it scuffs the surface and slips and falls can cause serious injuries.  Don't overload upper cabinets.  They are just screwed to the walls and can't support heavy loads.  Keep the heavy cookware and china in the lower cabinets. Never tint your double-glazed (dual paned) windows.  This can actually cause the air space to become  so hot that it may cause the seal to rupture and fail.  And finally, have a profession install the home security alarm system so all penetration thru walls and windows are sealed properly to avoid future dry rot.  Being a new home owner is so exciting, but be smart!!

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