Fall and Winter are great times to buy and sell

As a buyer, fall is a great time to find your new home.  Now that the kids are back in school you have more time to focus on the task.  And you can get it done now and "be home for the Holidays"!  Buying before the end of the year will gain you some tax deductions for mortgage interest and the property tax deduction.  With the inventory low all summer there has been a lot of multiple bidding on the same property.  Now in the fall and winter that eases up with fewer buyers looking, so you can take your time a little more.  You might even run across a real bargain property with a seller who doesn't want to have a vacant house thru the winter so will be more willing to negotiate.

And as sellers, don't pull your home off the market in the winter!!  Inventory is lower in the fall and winter so you will have less competition.  And winter buyers are usually serious buyers, not just the crowd of summer window shoppers and browsers.  People searching in the winter have direction and are focused on the process of securing their next home.

So let's get out there and get it done this fall and winter!!



June Cook

June Cook

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