Getting your home ready to sell

Tis the season!  Buyers are out looking for their next home!  Time to get yours ready and listed if you have been thinking this is the year to do it.  It is important to make your home stand out so it is appealing and buyers remember it.  That will increase your chances of selling quickly and at the price your are looking for.  Here are some items to focus on:  Make sure it is clean!! Clean out the cabinets, dust off those ceiling fans and wash the windows. Add a fresh coat of paint and keep the colors neutral. Remove the clutter, take it to a storage unit until you move, it will be less you have to move later. Put away the family photos and other personal touches. You want buyers looking at the house, not the family pictures.  And make sure to have the curtains and blinds clean and open for showings to let in lots of light.  Happy is going to be a great year!

June Cook

June Cook

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