Happy New Years

The start of a new year also means the end of an old year.  Take time to reflect on last year when deciding on your New Year's resolutions.  This year rather than try to make specific resolutions to lose 25 pounds, or get 8 hours of sleep, or never to speed when driving, try making a theme as your New Year's resolution.  Resolve to start to eat healthier and make better food choices and get together with an old friend & meet at the gym a couple times a week...the weight part will fall into place on its own.  Or resolve to unwind at night by relaxing with the family or reading a good book to de-stress and the sleep part will fall into place.  Or resolve to drive safer by turning on the blue tooth hands free, always put on the seat belt, and drive with the flow, instead of saying you are always going to drive  a perfect speed.  Don't set your self up to fail.  Make realistic goals and themes for your plan for 2015, and good luck.  Have a happy and prosperous  New Years!!  June Cook Century 21 Affiliated

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