Top 6 Summer Projects

It's almost summer!!  It's time to make the list of weekend projects to complete.  There are some that you can easily do on the weekend that will make your home more appealing and functional. (Hire someone to tackle the big stuff like kitchen and bath remodels or adding a deck.)

1.  Repaint the interior and/or exterior.  Are you seeing chips and cracks and dull colors? Now is a good time to refresh them with a coat of paint.  Stay with neutral colors if you have any thought of selling down the road. Never have more than 5 major colors going on throughout the home inside and out.

2. Clean out your rain gutters.  They gather a lot of leaves, branches, dirt etc in the fall and winter.  Water that doesn't run down a clogged drain pipe ends up next to the foundation and in the basement!

3. Power wash and seal the deck.  Protect your investment and make it last longer and have it look great all summer for company.

4.  Mulch the garden beds.  A new layer will prevent weed growth and hold moisture in for your plants. It should be 1-3 inches deep and 3-5 inches off trucks or stems.

5.  Caulk or weather strip around doors and windows.  Not only will it keep the air conditioning in but will keep all those summer pest out!

6,  Clean out the HVAC.  Clean out any debris or dust from the filter and any components.  You might want to hire a professional to clean the condenser coil, fan motor and compressor....the money spent on maintenance may prevent much more costly repairs down the road.

You may want to tackle other areas of you home this summer if all of these items are in good shape.  Decide which projects you want to spend the money on this year and make your list!

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