Use that outdoor space!!

Extent the square footage of your living space by expanding outdoors!  Make it plush and comfy and everyone will spend more time outside.  Get some new cushions and throws.  There are nice outdoor fabrics now that aren't made of sweaty plastics.  Add some rugs so your bare feet are as comfortable as inside.  Create some privacy with shrubs or a screen or bamboo curtain/blinds.

Get your Wi-Fi working outside and bring out some wireless speakers and even an all-weather outdoor TV. How fun to watch the big game on the patio this fall!

Making the opening to the patio a big slider or French door and lay some nice stone tile.  Get some landscaping lighting in the trees and on the walkways and steps.  String up light sets to create a fun, relaxing mood.

Add a fire pit...always a winner to bring friends and family together in the back yard.  Have a fun summer and fall in your extended space outdoors!

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