What to look for when purchasing an older home.

Here are some things to consider when you are purchasing an older home.  Any home built prior to 1978 could have lead based paint. And homes built 1940's to 1970's can have asbestos as insulation for pipes.  Wiring that predates the 1950's was often made with a rubber compound that becomes brittle.

Older homes don't have the energy efficient insulation that homes today do.  Also, they may leak more air and be drafty...especially around outlets, the foundation and the doors and windows.  Be ready with the caulk gun!

Be on the lookout for old oil tanks used for heating, above and below ground.  They are messy, smelly and can be very expensive to remove and do the clean up.

And, be sure you are going to be able to obtain affordable home owners insurance.  Older homes can carry a higher liability for insurance companies and they set their rates accordingly.

Older homes can have so much character but be informed about the challenges too.



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