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Jimmy Phipps

I am from Long Island NY graduating From Hauppauge High school. Growing up in a family with a farming background, I would work in the field and also the on-farm stand. My parents were hard-working, dedicated people that maintained a great reputation in the community. This was the basis of my core beliefs for hard work and dedication along with truth and honesty.

I have owned 2 very successful businesses.

One was an Excavating company in the construction field working with Homeowners and contractors Improving and building homes to the customer's wants and needs. This was an exiting business. I learned the importance of integrity and how far it would go as my business grew. My business operated on word of mouth with minimal advertising because of the great reputation My Partner and I created. My knowledge of homes grew and the areas where people were interested to make their homes their DREAM homes.

The second business was a franchisee with Matco tools. A challenging, but also an exciting business. The things I learned made me a better person by letting me deal with incredibly hard-working people selling them Professional tools. Learning their needs, what they were capable of by making sure I would never put them in over their head financially. This business was highly competitive. Marketing and sales strategies were very important to be competitive. Because my customers always came first, I went from the NEW GUY when I started to being #1 or #2 in the Long Island district

During the evening on my free time, I went to night school and received my Certifications in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

But, the hardest and most rewarding adventure in my life has been being a dad. I have been Blessed with the most incredible Daughter. She has married and given me and incredible son in law and 2 incredible Grand Kids. For this I feel I am have been blessed

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