5 Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Spring

With Spring finally on the horizon, many homeowners are beginning to dream of warmer weather, and accompanying home improvement projects. Whether you want to up your home value for sale, or are just looking to luxuriate outdoors this year, you may be thinking about creating an outdoor living space. 

“From outdoor sitting areas to full-on kitchens, outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular home additions,” says Dan Kruse, President of Century 21 Affiliated. Below are five tips for planning your ideal outdoor living space.

1. Tour similar spaces. If you think you want a livable outdoor space, visit other homes with similar spaces for ideas about what you would and wouldn't like. “Luckily, with Internet access being what it is these days, you can get thousands of ideas from the web,” explains Kruse. But you shouldn't stop there, Kruse notes. “Try and do in-person research as well.” Have a friend or neighbor with a covetable deck or bath house? Invite yourself over to check it out in detail.

2. Plan ahead. Take your time while planning your outdoor space, and think about how you can best compliment your interior design. Find the right contractor, if you're using one, and take time to consider the cost effectiveness of your materials. “You should never rush a building project,” says Kruse. “You will hardly ever be happy with the results.”

“How will your new deck affect your inside spaces?” Kruse asks. “From darkening a room with a covered deck, to changing the view of the yard from the bedroom, don't forget to figure out all of the logistics before you begin building,” says Kruse.

3. Think about water access. Outdoor living spaces need to be weatherized, winterized and water-proofed, Kruse reminds us. “This may seem like a no brainer, but if done wrong, it can lead to costly repairs down the road,” explains Kruse.

4. Bring in a professional. If you're new to landscaping and home design, bring in a professional to give you advice, even if it's just a one-time consultation. “A professional designer can give you advice about things you may be overlooking, so it's important to get that expert opinion before you finalize your plans or break ground,” Kruse notes.

5. Do your research. Are those deck railings you're interested in up to code in your county? What are the laws about open pool plans in your area? “As building codes vary by location, before you open your wallet, make sure your plans are up to code,” warns Kruse.

For more information on buying in a low inventory market, please contact Century 21 Affiliated at info@c21affiliated.com, 800-238-4646, or Century 21 Affiliated.


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