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The Idea...

The Village of Waunakee has experienced change and growth over the past 20 years, with population doubling from 6,000 in 1990 to 12,000 in 2010. Along with new residents, this change has brought much economic opportunity to the Village.

The Village Board and Waunakee Economic Development Commission are committed to good and sound economic development and growth, which serves  the community in high-quality, meaningful ways. A good and sustainable economic strategy utilizes a diverse approach to community development, which includes business retention, business attraction and retention, tourism and more. Communities worldwide have found that creative interests and activities can power economic development in significant ways.

Take a look at our region as an example... Madison, Mount Horeb, Lake Mills, Spring Green, Sturgeon Bay, Cedarburg, Galena, Baraboo, Cambridge, and so on. The economies within these communities thrive on business, industries, commerce, and attractions which have a focus on creativity, innovation, imagination, and artistry. Very simply - these economies receive power from the creative abilities of the human intellect.

We believe that there is opportunity to continue building a creative economy right here in Waunakee. So, the Imagination Celebration event is designed to explore our creative side. Based on our 2012 event, we have seen connections made, synergies explored, and opportunities sprout at the event and in the days, months and year following. There are no limits on how powerful a creative economic engine can be for our community. Through these efforts, Waunakee can become an even better place to live, work and play.

Our Goals...
There are three key goals for the Imagination Celebration event:
  1. FUN! - Those participating and attending should simply enjoy themselves. Above all else, we hope that the day after the event everyone who was there will feel just a bit more "connected" with their community than they did before. It's okay to fall in love with where you live. A goal of ours is to foster the "love affair" that all of our residents and business have with the Village.
  2. REVEAL OUR CREATIVE SIDE - There are quite a few known individuals, groups, organizations and businesses in Waunakee who have a creative focus to what they do (whether it be as a trade or as a hobby). There are certainly many more who have not been revealed. This event will help uncover those hidden talents, as well as showcase those already known, and is bound to create connections, synergies and awareness which will empower and encourage our Village's creative side.
  3. FOSTER CONTINUED RELATIONSHIPS - We will continue gather information for Waunakee's Creative Directory. Whether its a published document or a special page on the Village's website, there will be a resource guide with contact information for all who participate in the event (or wanted to participate but couldn't).

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