First Time Home Buyers

So…you have been planning on buying your first home. There are a few things to consider prior to looking.

  1. I am assuming you already have been pre approved for your mortgage but how much do you really want your house payment to be? Do you feel comfortable with the maximum amount or would you feel more at ease with a lesser payment? This is important because when you start looking at homes you will want to stay within your comfort zone. It does not matter what range you are looking in, once you go above, it is always harder to go back.
  2. What area do you want to live? Some people like the active life of a city, while other may like a subdue life of the country. Consider this to be a long time commitment, and look in areas you want to reside. Make sure you feel good about your decision.
  3. Now let’s think about the condition of the home. Do you want a turnkey home or something that needs a little work? You have to consider your available time, just how handy you are, and if you enjoy doing the work.  It can be real straining on the physic if you can’t get to the projects or you’re not taking pleasure in the work. Living in a construction zone can be very stressful.
  4. It is time to consider the size. How much space do you need? Are you planning on growing your family? You may think a 1 or 2, bedroom home is enough and it may be for the time, but you have to think about the future.  Do you want a small yard? If gardening is your thing you may want a larger lot. Do you think 1 bathroom is plenty or do you need 2 or more?
  5. How about the storage? Most people prefer basements, (typically better for resale), while some do not care. Are you going to want a garage and if so what size…a 1car…maybe 2 or 3?  
  6. Let’s talk about resources…..Are you okay with satellite service or do you want cable? Do you want community water and/or sewer or are you fine with well and/or septic? Natural gas or propane?

This list can go on and on… and some things you won’t know until you look at a few homes to really get the grasp of what your needs are. There is definitely a learning curve when you start looking for your first time. Do not be afraid to discuss concerns you may have with your agent. After all we have dealt with a lot of first time home purchases. While deciding on some of these options, you may want to consider resale value as well. Remember though, the ultimate decision is yours. It will be your home!

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