Sellers 5 Mistakes

According to Real Estate Today, Sellers can avoid these 5 mistakes:

1. Price too high. This can hurt you as your home is likely to sit on the market and look stale.

2. Skip the Home Prep. Fresh paint, clean, unclutter, fix leaky faucets, etc.

3. Fight on every issue. Let go of the emotions.

4. Let buyers in house without their Realtor. Safety issues, do not allow people off the street just walk in.  Ask them to contact their Realtor, this way the buyer is also preapproved.

5. Work without a Realtor. You run the risk of making huge mistakes without the help of listing with a Realtor.  In addition, NAR says For Sale By Owners average sold price is $184,000 while working with a Realtor you can sell your house for $230,000.

Karen Nicholson

Karen Nicholson

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