CENTURY 21 Affiliated Yorkville Gives Thanks to Community Leadership

What better way to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Day then to give thanks to their community leadership. That was what our Yorkville, IL office had in mind.


On September 25th, CENTURY 21 Affiliated held their corporate wide Random Acts of Kindness Day. To celebrate, the Yorkville, IL office real estate agents and staff put together over 400 gift bags to hand deliver to the teachers, education staff, police officers, EMT’s, firemen, and the building department of the Yorkville area. The kind gestures came as a big surprise and they often heard “You sure you don’t want anything for this?” upon delivery.


“We just wanted to say thank you for giving our kids a great education, protecting our community, and for everything that they do,” Kathy Brooks, Yorkville Administrative Assistant, explained. Kathy is the one that purposed the idea to her office. “I personally do something kind every day, that’s my motto,” Kathy said.


They made sure that for every place they delivered, every person was personally thanked and given a gift bag. Included in the gift bag was a gift card from McDonalds for a free ice cream treat, which was a big hit with the Sargent of the police department.


This was a new experience for all of the Brokers within the Yorkville office. “It made us feel great! The Brokers in our office have never done that before and it made us realize how important creating relationships within the community is.” 

Many of our offices and Agents are choosing to continue providing Random Acts of Kindness in their communities. Thus we have dedicated the entire month of October as "CENTURY 21 Affiliated Kindness Month," and will continue sharing our RAK stories and pictures each week throughout the month. 

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