Home - My personal adventures - Part I

I thought I'd share with you the experiences I had buying and selling my own homes. It was these experiences, and the support of dedicated realtors that led me to where I am today.

While my husband and I were planning our planning our wedding in 2003, we were also working on the purchase of a bank-owned property in Grand Rapids, MI. Our first dream home required us to use a pretty complicated and labor-intensive construction/rehab loan...in retrospect, we were taking a pretty big bite as first-time home buyers, and our realtor was relatively new, but he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and diligent, and we were young and eager to create the home of our dreams.

 Our Almost First Home

A few months into the paperwork and inspection process, my husband accepted a job offer that was moving us to the east side of Michigan. We had to walk away from our first home, lost a few more dollars than we wanted to, but the new job has been an 11-year career for my husband so far, and our home-buying adventures were far from complete.

Next Time: The Linden Blues: Buying a home without a realtor and selling in the great recession.

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