Not Everyone Is An Expert

        When it comes to making one of the biggest purchases people will make in their life, most people would like a second opinion about their new house. Maybe they have a friend or relative that knows about real estate or works in the real estate industry. What are some qualifications to look for in a real estate agent? How about an inspector ? Or a lender ?

        It would be beneficial to work with a realtor that works with an inspector or a lender that she can recommend. In fact, an agent that is highly involved with social media, networking and keeps abreast of the current market trends is great to have on your side. Your realtor should represent your best interests so that her trusted abilities, experience and education can be put to work for you. Is the real estate agent that you will be working with, easily accessible, creative and productive when it comes to viewing properties or selling your listing?

       Hopefully, you have an agent that is descriptive of all of the above. If so, you are in good hands with a local neighborhood expert and can take advantage of her expertise by listening to her advice.


Mary Jane Allen

Mary Jane Allen

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