What will you do with your kids this summer?

For the summer of 2014, I told my children to look up my Pinterest board labeled kids and see the "Boredom Busters" and the "100 Things to do in the Summer". Their assignment was to make their own list that went along with their interests. This is the list they produced: 

1) Go to the playground

2) Water Gun Fight

3) Make S'mores

4) Fly a Kite                                                                         

5) Sprinkler

6) Visit the Library

7) Slip 'n' Slide

8) Draw with Sidewalk Chalk

9) Mom and Daughter Makeovers 

10) Water Balloon Fight

11) Decorate Cupcakes

12) Double Dutch

13) Camp in the Backyard

14) Build with Legos

15) Go Berry Picking

16) Go Bowling

17) Out to Lunch

18) Swimming

19) Mini Golf

We've done 11 of the summer activities so far. They've also had the opportunity to participate in other fun events. Sometimes creating a list and doing some of the planned ideas gets the ball rolling. Have a great summer!

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